Assessments and Recordings

Assessments and Recorded Sessions:

To keep the program integrity intact, this training program contains structured assessments on each session. Five (5) quiz questions (multiple choice type) on each online session will be available after each session and the registered participants need to complete the assessments with at least 60% score (3/5) on the respective session for successful completion of the session. All the assessment will be available online until  July 22, 2020.

Day-1, July 13, 2020:

Session 1 Quiz

Session 2 Quiz

Session 3 Quiz

Recording: Inauguration Ceremony, Session-1, Session-2, and Session-3


Day-2, July 14, 2020:

Session 4 Quiz

Session 5 Quiz

Session 6 Quiz

Recording: Session-4, Session-5, and Session-6


Day-3, July 15, 2020:

Session 7 Quiz

Session 8 Quiz

Session 9 Quiz

Recording: Session-7, Session-8, and Session-9


Day-4, July 16, 2020:

Session 10 Quiz

Session 11 Quiz

Session 12 Quiz

Recording: Session-10, Session-11, and Session-12


Day-5, July 17, 2020:

Session 13 Quiz

Session 14 Quiz

Session 15 Quiz

Recording: Session-13, Session-14, and Session-15


Day-6, July 18, 2020:

Session 16 Quiz

Session 17 Quiz

Session 18 Quiz

Recording: Session-16, Session-17, and Session-18


Day-7, July 19, 2020:

Session 19 Quiz

Session 20 Quiz

Recording: Session-19, Session-20, and Closing Ceremony

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